Expanding Our Assisted Outpatient Treatment Services in Orange County

Orange County AOT Facility in downtown Santa Ana

Orange County AOT Facility in downtown Santa Ana

On March 7, Telecare’s Orange County Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) program in Santa Ana, CA, moved into its new facility to accommodate their recent service capacity increase from 25 to 120 persons.

"Our amazing team will continue to offer services in the community, but we are so excited to have this new program site for members to feel included, safe, and valued," said Anna Bowes, Administrator for the Orange County AOT program. "The team is really looking forward to creating a community with our members. We plan to start an art gallery and offer gardening on our patio."

Originally co-located with Orange County STEPS, the Orange County AOT program is now located directly across from the Central Justice Center in downtown Santa Ana.

The space will serve as an important resource for providing more personalized care. "Now that we are closer to the Central Justice Center, we can offer hearings with an AOT judge at the program for our members who are not as comfortable at the courthouse,” Anna said. “We are also currently working with Orange County Health Care Agency and Genoa Healthcare to have an on-site pharmacy. We hope this service will increase access and efficiency in getting members connected with their medications.”


For many members in the program, access to the proper care and resources can mean a world of difference. "I have been with other programs in the county and have left the state because I had a difficult time with the program rules," said an AOT graduate. "I felt like I as being pushed around a lot and I had a hard time living."

"Ever since I’ve been with AOT, I began making a comeback," he said. "I like AOT program a lot— it has been easy and the staff are very nice. I haven’t been to the hospital in almost five months and I received psychiatry and medication services with the help of AOT."

The member's mother is especially thankful for the services her son has received. "I feel like I have my son back," she said. Although the member graduated, he has chosen to remain in the program voluntarily.

The Orange County AOT program launched in October 2014. It was Telecare’s first Laura’s Law program and has seen eight clients graduate since it opened—one of which has been connected with outside Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs or psychiatrists for continued support in their recovery, while the other seven remain with the program on a voluntary basis. 

2017 Data

The information below compares hospitalization and incarceration statistics of members before and after they have been admitted to the OC AOT program from July 2016 to February 2017.

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