At Telecare, there are thousands of stories of growth and recovery, each one unique, powerful, and full of inspiration. Here are just a few...

When all I could see was darkness and death, I thought it was the end. I just wanted to die. So they sent me to Tree House. I thought, ‘Oh, great, two weeks of groups and doctors who don’t listen. The first few days, I [was] depressed and scared. Scared I would be judged. Tree House has helped me find a little light in the darkness. They listened and truly cared. Their advice and worksheets showed me that I do have strengths. And the staff made me feel like I was home, not in a hospital.
— Tree House Client
The culture that we’re creating for our clients to be able to come in and know that they can truly be themselves and we’re willing to accept them right where they are and that they’re wonderful amazing unique human beings and they’re very responsive to this. I believe that type of a culture is what directly makes such an impact.
— Sandra, Telecare Staff Member with Lived Experience
They’re so positive. The world I live in, there’s no positive, there’s no joy, so when I come here, it’s a big change. I like it. I like the fact that there’s someone here to help me out. I never had that before.
— LA Older Adults Client
I really like seeing a little bit of hope in a member’s eyes when I tell them, ‘We are not going to quit on you. Even if you don’t pick up the phone, even if you don’t answer the door, we are going to keep coming after you until you talk to us because we don’t quit. Telecare is different.’
— Cassandra, Telecare Staff Member with Lived Experience
Our daughter was a patient at Hope House earlier this year. She was in significant distress when Hope House opened its doors to her. We are eternally grateful for the compassion they showed her. They listened to her, talked with her, and were there to help her understand what she needed to do to move forward in her life. Hope House is a much needed form of initial treatment for patients who need County assistance. This experience has given us hope that she can begin a new chapter in her life. We want to thank the County for having this resource available. This has made a huge impact in all of our lives.
— Hope House Family Member
Your entire staff in San Diego County are the most compassionate, intelligent professional people our family has encountered in the too many years we as parents of a mentally unstable adult have met. We thank every person we even briefly talked to on our son’s behalf. You accepted him. THANK YOU for that. Your positive, sacrificial, professional ‘coaching’ will always be a golden memory. Thank you IHOT San Diego County.
— San Diego IHOT Family Member
Seeing people come in at their worst, and walking out of here proudly, is the biggest inspiration here.
— Joey, Telecare Staff Member with Lived Experience
Working for Telecare has given me an opportunity to be a part of an ACT program, where I get to work in the community that I was raised in. My biggest joy is helping others who had the same struggles I overcame. The work I do has allowed me to give back to my community and use my past living experiences to help others to become the best person they can be.
— Rayzhone, Telecare Staff Member with Lived Experience