Mental Health Delivery: The Global Forefront

Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), far left, hosts a forum at the state capitol on february 28, 2018.  Photo by Sue Peri .

Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), far left, hosts a forum at the state capitol on february 28, 2018. Photo by Sue Peri.

On February 28, Telecare’s President and CEO, Anne Bakar, presented at Mental Health Delivery: The Global Forefront, a forum hosted by Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) in partnership with the Steinberg Institute at the California state capitol. Anne’s presentation focused on system innovations that have been taken to scale in California as a result of MHSA and SB82 funding. In particular, she highlighted the success of Full Service Partnership programs (FSPs) and crisis programs which California counties have deployed in partnership with providers like Telecare.

“The goal of the briefing was both to educate and inspire,” said the Steinberg Institute. “With bold new leadership in key sectors of the mental health community, California stands at a pivotal juncture to transform and advance our own system of care. We believe there are lessons for our state in understanding how these innovators have succeeded in shifting the tide.”

In addition to Anne, the forum featured Dr. Roberto Mezzina, Director of the Department of Mental Health in Trieste, Italy; Dr. Nicole Sherren, Scientific Director of the Palix Foundation in Canada; Dr. Pat McGorry, Executive Director of Orygen; Dr. Anne Sullivan, Commissioner of the N.Y. State Office of Mental Health; Dr. Steven Adelsheim, Director of the Stanford Psychiatry Center for Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing; and John Boyd, Chair of California Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. In attendance were other state legislators, Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), District 6 Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, and Sacramento’s Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

Below is a brief summary of Anne’s presentation. You can view the entire forum video by clicking here, and download a copy of Anne’s presentation by clicking here.

Full Service Partnership (FSP) Programs

  • Funded by the MHSA and tied to specific outcomes, FSPs have dramatically contributed to reductions in hospitalizations, incarcerations and homelessness statewide. Statewide, approximately 30,000 individuals per year have been able to make strides in their recovery due to services funded by the MHSA.

  • Demonstrated success serving co-occurring and complex populations, including those with significant substance use and justice involvement.

  • Represents an innovative model which was taken to scale because of state leadership.

“Pay for Success”

  • Telecare is honored to run the nation's first Pay for Success behavioral healthcare program, located in Santa Clara County, CA.

  • Introducing value-based performance measures into the behavioral health field

  • Has more than paid for itself through positive outcomes; over $500k to date contributed to the system of care.

SB82 Investment in Mental Health Wellness

  • Sponsored by Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, SB82 provided both capital and operating state funds to create comprehensive systems of crisis services using proven program models.

  • These programs have been very successful reducing the need for emergency hospital care and discharging individuals back to their community setting.

  • Telecare’s crisis residential and crisis stabilization programs in Riverside County are outstanding examples of how counties have deployed these funds creatively.