LAOA Participated in the Campaign to Change Direction

Telecare LA Older Adult programs participated in the global Campaign to Change Direction in which organizations around the world held training's and workshops to spread awareness on the Five Signs of emotional suffering and ways to help a person in need.  One goal is to change the cultural narrative of how people with mental health challenges are viewed. Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, and Prince Harry of England are big names lending their time and energy to this worthy campaign.    

LAOA invited building tenants and businesses to a conversation on mental wellness and recognizing the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering. Door prizes/raffles, food, and drink were provided to create a welcoming and safe environment to begin a dialogue on wellness and begin demystifying mental health. 

 The 5 signs are:

  1. Personality Change
  2. Agitation or mood swings
  3. Withdrawn/Isolated
  4. Poor Self Care
  5. Feeling hopeless

Ways to combat and help those in need:

  1. Take Care- Eat well, Sleep well and exercise
  2. Check-In- With family, friends, counselors
  3. Engage- With others, create healthy relationships
  4. Relax- Be active, meditate, garden, dance, love
  5. Know– Know the 5 Signs of emotional suffering