Recovery Spotlight: Morton Bakar Center Celebrates Connections Through Recovery

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In May, Cigna health insurance released a nationwide study on loneliness, declaring it an epidemic in the United States with nearly 50 percent of respondents reporting that they sometimes or always feel alone or left out. As research professor at the University of Houston and author Dr. Brené Brown points out in her 2017 book, Braving the Wilderness, "To combat loneliness, we must first learn how to identify it and to see that experience as a warning sign." The best response to that warning sign? Finding and making connections.

At Telecare's Morton Bakar Center, a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) in Hayward, California, the feeling of loneliness can be a significant part of the people they serve. Unchecked, loneliness can lead to hopelessness, isolation, and despair. Staff commonly hear that it isn't so easy to make friends, and therefore individuals feel discouraged in their recovery. In Morton Bakar Center's treatment settings, they use a guided conversation taught in Telecare's Recovery-Centered Clinical System (RCCS) to inspire hope and resiliency through building connections.

"Some of the most powerful connections happen with fellow consumers," said Julia Egan, Clinical Director at Morton Bakar Center. "Finding another like-minded soul who helps them feel loved and cared about can turn around their life. The power of friendship is universal and something to be treasured."

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