TRC @ Gresham Staff Retreat

Our Gresham Telecare team enjoyed an all day staff retreat at YMCA Camp Collins which is in Oxbow Park. We had a speaker come in to talk with us about effective communication, she was very informative! We then took a hike through the woods and along the Sandy River. We found several interesting things on our hike including a ropes course, we may have stopped and had a little fun swinging around! The building we were in (Jesse’s Lodge is one of many buildings they have at the camp), had windows all around it so we got to enjoy the view all day. That is when we all took a short break to look at the beautiful deer right outside our windows, they were so close to us we all had to stop and check them out!

Lena then lead an exercise “Getting to know you”, where we all shared about ourselves and learned new things about one another. Salena then presented some RCCS information that we all discussed together. Jen closed the retreat with “Next steps” where we spent time addressing our program, how we can improve, changes we want to make, and we discussed a list of suggestions from the residents obtained during a recent discussion group. It was a wonderful, productive, informative, and fun filled day!!

(L-R) Top Row: Bridget Murray, Recovery Specialist; Rachel Severson, Medical Records; Chad Hamilton, Recovery Specialist; Tim Leewehage, Recovery Specialist, the one with his hands up; Amy Lugo, HR Coordinator; Lena Witkowski, Nursing Coordinator; Brinda Peterson, Lead Housekeeper.
(L-R) Bottom Row: Jordan Simpson, Recovery Specialist and Jen Obermeyer, Administrator. Photo by Salena Schwartz, Clinical Director.

(L-R)Top Row: David Nez, Recovery Specialist; Cirsten Kimball, Recovery Specialist; Salena Schwartz, Clinical Director; Sharon Aumani, RN; Angela Gilleran, Recovery Specialist; Joyce Bailey, Recovery Specialist; Steve Ryniker, Housekeeper; Vieve, Art Therapist; Jacob Jonas-Closs, Recovery Specialist; Sarah Gracey, BOM; JoAnna WIlliams, Recovery Specialist; Petr Penkov, Housekeeper.
(L-R) Bottom Row: Jen Patterson, Admit/Discharge Coordinator; Jenny Siemens, RN; and Barbara Lee, Recovery Specialist.