Welcome to Telecare's 50th Anniversary!

Hurray, we’re 50! What next?

This year is going to be full of fun activities and celebrations of our 50 years as an organization. Every month on T-Net, we’re going to let you know whats cooking behind the scenes so you know whats coming (unless it’s a surprise, then you’ll have to sit tight!). To kick off the celebrations we have a short message to share from Anne:


This month, we’re asking you to:

  • Take a moment to celebrate the wonderful work we do as an organization.
  • Say thank you to clients, to customers, and to coworkers.
  • We’d love to start capturing pictures of you guys as we begin this special year! If you can, send us photos of your team(s), so we can post them on T-Net and celebrate together! Send images to lharte@telecarecorp.com