National Recovery Month: Mark Joyella

Many of us start the day being greeted by our local news anchors to catch up on the happenings of our community and beyond. We see their faces daily, but often know nothing about the personalities behind them. Well, this week’s story of recovery comes from a former news anchor in Florida, Mark Joyella, as he “comes out” with his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder diagnosis in hopes to address the stigma he feared as a public figure for many years.

“Admitting that I was not well–and was getting treatment–transformed my life, which I realize now, looking back, was headed down a very lonely and scary path,” said Mark. “I kept waiting and waiting for my real life to begin, without making any progress to getting the things that I wanted.”

This is a fantastic, thoughtful, and well-researched article Mark wrote about his mental health and how the media addresses, and often contributes, to the stigma. We want to thank Mark for his courage and hope that you enjoy this article as well.

If you have any stories of recovery you want to share with us, please email Lindsay Harte at