At Telecare, we know that mental health, physical wellness, and co-occurring conditions are all interconnected.

As a company, our goal is to reduce healthcare disparities. We are constantly working to find ways to make it easier for the people we serve to address these difficult issues and make positive change through our program culture, our clinical models, enhanced training, and the integration of evidence-based practices and technology from diverse healthcare settings.

Since 2014, our Whole Person Care (WPC) Initiative has been creating education efforts for our programs to help increase participants’ awareness and self-management of physical and behavioral health symptoms while encouraging healthier choice-making in the use of drugs and alcohol.


Product Types & Approaches

Product Types that have Implemented WPC at Telecare

  • ACT
  • FSP
  • Subacute


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Scott Madover discusses how COEG offers a space where people can be heard and appreciated in a non-judgmental, non-shaming way, and how the trust that emerges in the groups offers people a way to tackle the very difficult process of change. 

Dr. Kent Eller talks about how the Health and Wellness Curriculum will provide linkage between behavioral and physical care services in hopes of reducing the healthcare disparity.

Telecare's Whole Person Care Leaders


Information from a sample population of our TIE-CC program was collected six months prior to enrollment in the program. Following is a summary of reductions in utilization from pre‐Telecare and post‐Telecare.