Wellspring Center

Crisis Residential Treatment (CRT)


15217 San Bernardino Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335
951-631-2150 Main

951-543-9644 Fax

Telecare Corporation is excited to be partnering with San Bernardino County to open three new crisis units this spring: two crisis stabilization units (CSU) and one crisis residential treatment center (CRT). 

Below is information on the Wellspring Center, a 16-bed CRT that is scheduled to open summer 2018, and will serve adult residents of San Bernardino County.

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Program Brochure

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Referral & OUtreach card

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Referrals to the Wellspring Center will be accepted from the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) outpatient clinics, full service partnerships (FSP), DBH Community Crisis Response Teams (CCRTs), law enforcement and first responders, hospital emergency rooms, mental health assessment teams, and other county medical clinics and departments.

16 beds

Adult residents of San Bernardino County

15217 San Bernardino Avenue | Fontana, CA 92335

Larry Lawler, LCSW
909-329-0714, llawler@telecarecorp.com

The Wellspring Center is a 16-bed crisis residential treatment (CRT) program in San Bernardino County, located in the city of Fontana, serving adults and older adults. Wellspring Center aims to stabilize individuals in acute crises in order to eliminate or shorten the need for inpatient hospitalization. Wellspring Center will provide intensive and structured psychosocial recovery services 24/7 in a non-institutional, welcoming, safe, and respectful environment.

Wellspring Center is under contract with the San Bernardino County Department of Behavioral Health.