Respect. Recovery. Results.

At Telecare, we believe in recovery. We believe that every person has the ability to achieve their full potential. We provide recovery-focused services for persons with mental illness and complex needs. Our programs transform lives, generate measurable outcomes, and reduce financial costs. We design our services to respond to local needs and we function as a strategic, accountable, and experienced partner within systems of care.

Year End Review

FY13-14 Annual ReportFY13-14 Annual ReportEach year, we take time to summarize our progress and achievements and share them in a yearly annual report and yearly Telecare video

Because 2015 marks Telecare's 50th anniversary, we took a fresh approach. In the annual report, we share recent achievements as well as a big picture view of how Telecare has grown and evolved to meet changing needs over the years. In our video, we hear from Telecare's senior leaders who share their their vision for the future and why this work is so important to all of us on a personal level. 

The entire Telecare family of nearly 3,000 staff is passionately committed to delivering excellent service and being a valued member of our local communities. We thank you for your interest and partnership and look forward to an exciting year ahead. 

Anne Bakar FY13-14 Year in Review

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