Villa Fairmont Mental Health Rehabilitation Center


15200 Foothill Boulevard
San Leandro, California  94578
510-352-9008 FAX

About Villa Fairmont MHRC

Villa Fairmont MHRC is a 97-bed licensed Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. It serves adults with a history of severe mental illness and repeated hospitalizations. Most clients are referred by acute psychiatric hospitals. Villa Fairmont’s major service goals are symptom stabilization, engagement in recovery and a rapid return to the community for persons recovering from an acute phase of illness. Villa Fairmont offers evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation using person-centered plans and the recovery philosophy as the foundation of its work. We are the primary psychiatric sub-acute facility in Alameda County.

Opened on the Villa Fairmont MHRC campus in January 2016, Villa Flex unit was created to fill a gap in the system and create a place for high utilizing clients that would benefit from a longer stay in a subacute facility. The average length of stay for Villa Flex is approximately 3-9 months.

Villa Fairmont provides psychosocial rehabilitation and emphasizes skill building and linkage to community supports. Services include individual treatment, therapeutic group activities, medication support, pre-vocational and social work support.

Just the Basics

Beds: 73 beds for MHRC, 24 beds for Flex
Population Served: Adults age 18 - 65 diagnosed with severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders
Funded by: Alameda County, Veteran’s Administration, Contra Costa County, and others

Recovery Model

This program follows Telecare’s Recovery-Centered Clinical System (RCCS), an innovative recovery framework that incorporates the latest research and evidence-based practices. RCCS emphasizes doing no harm and supporting and enlivening recovery. The recovery model incorporates such approaches as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), harm reduction, and other consumer-centered therapeutic interventions.

Services and Supports

All services are person- and family-centered with the goal of supporting an individual’s ability to seek and secure an environment of their choice in the community. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborative treatment planning with a recovery focus
  • Comprehensive evaluation and risk assessment
  • Crisis planning and prevention
  • Supportive counseling
  • Medication administration
  • Medication education and training
  • Independent living skills training
  • Discharge planning including linkage with community services and psychiatric supports
  • Therapeutic groups

Office Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Referral Process

Clients are referred through an acute psychiatric facility or through Alameda County. Other counties may contact us through their acute psychiatric facilities.

Who Is Served

  • Must be ages 18 - 65
  • Must be a resident of Alameda County, California or VA
  • Primary diagnosis of a major mental illness, and no primary diagnosis of eating disorder, character disorder, organic mental disorder or need for detoxification
  • No health problems requiring more than an outpatient level of medical care; no oxygen or IVs
  • Legal status may be 5250, T-Con, or LPS Conservatorship, Voluntary

On a case-by-case basis we will consider clients other legal status (e.g. Murphy Conservatorship)

Contacting A Family Member

The involvement of family members is a very important aspect of recovery. Our program recognizes the central importance of families to the clients we serve, as well as the challenges and pressures they face in supporting a loved one. We strive to provide support in strengthening our clients’ family relationships and extended support systems. Family members can contact clients by calling the main number at 510.352.9690.

Per HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines, staff members cannot release any client information without a signed authorization.

What Makes Us Different

Villa Fairmont serves a wide variety of clients, including Transitional Aged Youth (TAY: ages 18-24) who have unique needs. The program offers TAY a peer group that shares a recreational space and certain programming elements with associated programs in the local community.

Villa has a long tradition of hiring persons with lived experience of mental illness, both as peer counselors and in other positions for which they are qualified. We believe they are able to provide a uniquely valuable perspective on the recovery journey and can exemplify it in a way that provides a strong message of hope.

Our program recognizes the central importance of families to the clients we serve, as well as the challenges and pressures they face in supporting a loved one. Our family support group was formed more than 30 years ago and continues to connect families to local, state and national resources such as the Family Alliance for Mentally Ill (FAMI) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

About Telecare

Telecare is a family- and employee-owned company that has been treating individuals with serious mental illness since 1965. We specialize in innovative, outcomes-driven services for high-risk individuals with complex needs. Our programs are recovery-focused and clinically effective and are designed in partnership with local, county, state and other behavioral health organizations.