McMillan Ranch


Address Confidential
Santa Maria, California  93458
805-937-2296 FAX

About McMillan Ranch

McMillan Ranch, operated by Telecare Corporation, is a 10-bed residential program located near Santa Maria, California. McMillan Ranch provides a safe, non-institutional environment in which adults recovering from mental illness can practice interpersonal and daily living skills, enhancing their ability to successfully live in the community.

Just the Basics

Beds: 10
Population Served: Adults, ages 18-59, with serious mental illness
Funded by: Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness

Recovery Model

Click here for program brochure

Click here for program brochure

McMillan Ranch is built on the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation with an emphasis on independence and recovery. The first goal is to provide a safe, less restrictive level of care for individuals with severe mental impairments, allowing for recovery in a rural farm-like environment offering opportunities often not available in more urban settings. The second goal is to promote dignity, respect and self-worth for the residents as they acquire the skills and behaviors needed to be successful in roles and settings of their choice.

Services and Supports

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of a personal support system in the community

  • Assistance in learning or relearning basic living skills, such as meal preparation, shopping, housekeeping, gardening, residential maintenance, personal hygiene, physical fitness, use of public transportation and money

Office Hours

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Referral Process

Referrals to McMillan Ranch are made through Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness.

Admission Criteria

  • Must be a resident of Santa Barbara County in California

  • Must be age 18-59

Contacting A Family Member

Our program encourages clients to contact family members and friends while they are being treated at McMillan Ranch. Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT) requirements, clients must sign a release of information before McMillan Ranch will provide any information to family members and friends.

What Makes Us Different

McMillan Ranch was designed to improve community living by providing additional treatment and services to adult residents of Santa Barbara County.

Clients at McMillan Ranch learn daily living skills so they can live independently in the community.

About Telecare

Telecare is a family- and employee-owned company that has been treating individuals with serious mental illness since 1965. We specialize in innovative, outcomes-driven services for high-risk individuals with complex needs. Our programs are recovery-focused and clinically effective and are designed in partnership with local, county, state and other behavioral health organizations.