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Referral & Outreach Card

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Telecare Corporation

Opened on 3/1/18 at a temporary location.

Referrals are made through the Orange County Health Care Agency.

200 members

Adults aged 18 and older who have a history of of homelessness and serious mental illness.

TAO Central located in Orange County focuses on addressing the complex housing needs of up to 200 members, many of whom have long histories of homelessness and serious mental illness. The program emphasizes enhanced engagement and outreach efforts along with intensive case management; vocational, educational, and employment support; and robust housing strategy services.

I would like to thank you all for
making this past two weeks stay
as pleasant as possible. I believe
the work you do here helps to
create good in the world. I too hope
someday to do good in the world!
— Member, Orange County STEPS
Thank you for helping me regain
the will to participate in ‘life.’ Every
staff member has provided some
form of support during my stay with
you. I am eternally grateful for
you all!
— Member, Orange County STEPS