Program Spotlight: Summer Openings at Telecare

Summer is one of the busiest times at Telecare. Our Start-Up Team is currently deployed across California to support the launch of programs designed in partnership with new and existing customers. From May through July, Telecare opened the following programs, and more are coming soon. To explore Telecare’s full list of locations, click here.

Southern California

Treehouse North in Anaheim, ca

Treehouse North in Anaheim, ca

  • Now Open: TREEhouse North (Anaheim, CA)
    • In May, Telecare's newest crisis residential program, TREEhouse North, opened as part of Orange County Health Care Agency's efforts to expand its network of crisis care. Similar to TREEhouse South, which opened in Mission Viejo in July 2017, TreeHouse North provides voluntary, short-term services, typically lasting 7 to 14 days. The team of peer counselors and licensed professionals provides co-occurring capable services for people who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis and may also have substance use issues.
Stanislaus County's  TRAC / TMRS

Stanislaus County's TRAC/TMRS

Central California

San Joaquin County's  TEIR

San Joaquin County's TEIR

  • Now Open: TRAC/TMRS Expansion (Modesto, CA)
    • In June, one of Telecare's oldest Stanislaus County programs expanded its services to join the Stanislaus CARE team, a multi-agency team providing services to people experiencing homelessness and co-occurring mental illness. 
  • Now Open: TEIR Expansion (Stockton, CA)
    • In July, Telecare's early intervention program serving San Joaquin County's youth expanded from 25 to 50 slots to meet the growing community needs. Telecare is pleased to support efforts to address mental health issues at the earliest stages to help people prevent or minimize the negative effects of untreated symptoms of mental illness. 

Northern California

Alameda County's  Sausal Creek

Alameda County's Sausal Creek

  • Now Open: Sausal Creek Redesign (Oakland, CA)
    • In July, Telecare's crisis walk-in clinic completed the redesign of its services to meet the evolving needs of their community by adding a medication clinic and case management. Over the years, Sausal Creek has served Alameda County as a 24/7 crisis walk-in.