Recent News & Announcements

Recent Program Openings

In the past several months, Telecare has partnered with both public mental health and managed care customers to open the following programs:

El Dorado PHF - Placerville, California

  • El Dorado PHF is a 16-bed hospital providing acute psychiatric treatment to individuals diagnosed with a serious mental illness. The PHF provides a structured, secure environment in a locked setting for people experiencing a high level of distress with the goal of reducing and stabilizing their symptoms as they work toward recovery. 

Stults House - Portland, Oregon

  • Stults House is a Residential Treatment Home serving up to five civilly committed adults from the state hospital who are over age 18. This program serves individuals with psychiatric and intense behavioral issues that need assistance in activities of daily living (ADL). 

Telecare Transition Case Management Team (TCM) - Vancouver, Washington

  • TCM is a transition team providing short-term, peer-based intensive case maangement and crisis/hospital diversion services to 30 persons recently discharged from the E&T.

Telecare Yuma ACT- Yuma, Arizona
Telecare Sierra Vista ACT - Sierra Vista, Arizona
Telecare Casa Grande ACT - Casa Grande, Arizona

  • Three 50-member ACT programs with transdisciplinary team of mental health staff providing treatment, rehabilitation, and support services to seriously mentally ill consumers. Each program facilitates community living, psychosocial rehabilitation, and recovery for those who have not benefited—or have not been reached—by less intensive modes of intervention.