Excellent ACT Fidelity Score at Oregon ACT

"This intensive level of ACT service and staffing has been incredibly valuable in helping clients live successfully in the community," said Jennifer Obermeyer, Regional Administrator over the Oregon ACT program, funded by Oregon's Office of Addictions and Mental Health and evaluated by the Oregon Center of Excellence for Assertive Community Treatment

The program scored 115 out of a possible 140 on the Modified DACT Fidelity Scale. The scoring takes into consideration: structure and composition, organizational boundaries and the nature of services. Some of the most notable scores included the following: 

  • Small Caseload 5/5: Maintaining a low consumer-to-staff ratio helps to ensure adequate intensity and individualization of services.
  • Team Approach 4/5: The team approach ensures continuity of care for consumers and creates a supportive organizational environment for team members.
  • No Drop-Out Policy 5/5: Outreach efforts help build relationships and ensure consumers receive ongoing services

Oregon ACT has the highest staff satisfaction scored in Oregon state. The program is looking forward to expanding for the third time in two years, and hopefully gaining satellite offices to enhance mobility of services.