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Excellent Survey Results in Locked Inpatient Setting

Kudos for the staff at Villa Fairmont Mental Health Rehabilitation Center(MHRC) in Alameda County, CA. The program was surveyed in June by the California State Department of Health Care Services and received stellar results. Kate Jones, Administrator at Villa Fairmont, is so proud of the staff’s great work. "We are really blessed to have the staff that we have here, there’s no doubt about it," Kate said. "It’s like a family. It takes a village."

Survey Comments:

  • "Staffing was excellent. You staff far above the minimum required which allows your clients to get more than the minimum required. Twenty-five mental health workers in a 24-hour period is excellent staffing. It allows for prevention rather than intervention."
  • "Your nursing care is excellent. You get the clients what they need. We love your individualized care plans."
  • "Great group schedule. There are so many opportunities for your clients here."

The staff, or "Villa Family," contribute to the excellence of the program, working toward being more community-focused to better serve their clients. 

The facility is moving toward a neighborhood model, where clients can participate in creating their own community spaces, like naming their wings or "neighborhoods."

"We want to get people to be more social and hang out together and actually talk and communicate in the living room areas," Kate said. A de-stimulation room is also in the works where clients can access a quiet space for them to relax after a long day. It’s a lot to be excited about and the staff are helping to implement the changes.