Criminal Justice Re-Entry Lessons Learned

How can we do a better job serving mentally ill offenders? How do we keep people out of jails and hospitals and help them become healthier, more stable, and stay successful in the community?

Telecare has operated 20 programs that offer specialized services for mentally ill offenders. In this post we want to share some of our lessons learned on forensic re-entry services.

Lessons from the Front Line

Telecare's program leaders have consolidated some of the most important things they've learned in operating higher-intensity re-entry services. This presentation offers some quick thoughts. If you would like to know more, we're happy to answer questions or provide more information. 

If you're interested in learning more, here is a list of Telecare programs that serve mentally ill offenders.

A Story from the Front Line

Sometimes, the most compelling stories are the personal ones. Robert, a client at one of Telecare's re-entry programs in Los Angeles, explains what these services have meant to him. "They get you to be responsible, so you can live in the outside world without people's help."

Robert:  A Member of Telecare's CORE Program