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Dr. Pat Deegan on CNN with Anderson Cooper

We are so proud to partner with Dr. Pat Deegan and are thrilled to be able to share her recent interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. 

Dr. Deegan has created a tool called, Hearing Distressing Voices,which offers people a visceral experience of what it's like to live with schizophrenia. It was amazing to see the powerful impact this tool had on Anderson Cooper and his incredible shift in understanding about serious mental illness in just a few short minutes. 

Telecare has partnered with Dr. Deegan to implement her tool, Common Ground, into many of our programs as a best practice. Congratulations and kudos to Dr. Deegan and her team for helping to raise awareness and transform care for people with serious mental illness.

Sacramento County Raises Awareness about the Treatment of Mental Illness

Community education is an important part of stigma-reduction. It also helps create a more open dialogue and greater awareness of the realities of treating mental illness. In early June, Sacramento County Health and Human Services published a special insert in the Sacramento Bee to do just these things. The insert is entitled, "Breaking the Cycle: The Reality of Treating Mental Illness" and helps shine a light on the community's efforts to create a continuum of care to meet its residents' needs. Telecare's Sacramento Outreach Adult Recovery (SOAR) Program was featured on page 5. In this FSP program, 75% of members do not return to hospitalization within a given year.