Meet Our Staff: Bob McCreery

Telecare has a staff of over 2,600 employees who bring their passion, energy, expertise, and skills to work every day in service of people with serious mental illness. We want to introduce you to some of these amazing people. 

Standing tall at 6’3", Bob McCreery has a large presence in any room he enters. He is the administrator of the STRIDES, STEPS and STAGES programs in Alameda County, CA, three voluntary, community-based programs that help people live successfully on their own and avoid more restrictive, inpatient care. 

Bob's unwavering enthusiasm and genuine compassion for the recovery of the 150-plus members covered by his programs is essential to the "power-with" recovery method that Telecare lives by. His non-judgmental treatment of everyone he comes across provides a welcoming environment no matter the stage of life one may be in.

“If you can treat people with respect and dignity and offer them a little bit of hope, then you're a hero. If you do that every day, you're an excellent employee," says Bob.