Taking Steps Towards Staff Stability

Provider Magazine

David Farrell, Vice President of Subacute Operations at Telecare, along with Cathie Brady and Barbara Frank, co-founders of B&F Consulting, co-authored an article for Provider Magazine’s January 2016 issue.


The piece, titled 10 Steps to Staff Stability, addressed the topic of high staff turnover in nursing care facilities, how it affects remaining staff, and the proper measures to fix the problem.

“Staff stability is the precondition for quality outcomes,” it stated. “Stability allows for staff to work consistently together with the same residents, so that they recognize early warning signs of changes in conditions and can act to prevent avoidable declines.”

The two-part piece highlighted the first five steps for achieving staff stability through the hiring process.

  1. Look at the data.
  2. Evaluate if the center can attract motivated, high performers.
  3. Improve the local pool of candidates.
  4. Improve the hiring process.
  5. Improve and extend the orientation and welcome.

You can read the full article here and send any questions you may have to David through email.