Steps Towards Stability: Part II

Provider Magazine

Last month, David Farrell, Vice President of Subacute Operations at Telecare, co-authored an article for Provider Magazine with Cathie Brady and Barbara Frank, co-founders of B&F Consulting. It is part of an ongoing series that provides ideas and solutions for retaining program staff.

There are multiple ways staff stability is essential to a program's success. "Staff stability is necessary to succeed in this performance business environment," the article states. "Healthcare payers and partners are increasingly focused on outcomes. Staff who work with the same residents and co-workers everyday can prevent avoidable declines. They recognize immediately when something’s wrong and can work together to address it."

The second part of this piece, "10 Steps to Staff Stability Part Two: Maximize Stability By Supporting And Engaging Staff," addresses two ways for companies to create a stable environment, maintain communication, and improve accountability among staff.

  • Reduce stress and improve morale
  • Create daily stability

You can read the current article here, and get caught up on steps one through five here. If you'd like to reach David directly with questions, please contact him at