Telecare's FY14-15 Year In Review

FY14-15 was a special year for us: Telecare celebrated its 50th anniversary of services and supports to people with serious mental illness and complex needs.

Each year, we create an annual report and short video to capture some of our proudest achievements from the year and showcase some of Telecare's unique programs and services. 

In FY14-15, we served more than 34,000 unique individuals across eight states and 90+ programs.

We worked with counties, hospitals, health plans, criminal justice agencies, and developmental disability systems. 

And we delivered cost-conscious, outcomes-focused, recovery-centered services to our clients, while helping our customers make an impact in their own systems of care.

In our FY14-15 video, we focus our new Laura's Law programs, which provide court-ordered care in a client-centered, respectful, collaborative way.