Behavioral Health Magazine Recognizes Santa Cruz PHF Design

The Santa Cruz Psychiatric Health Facility (PHF) was recently recognized in Behavioral Health Magazine’s Design Showcase Issue. The publication recognized mental health facilities that are taking unique approaches to keeping their clients' needs in mind.

"We get pretty consistent praise from family and other visitors who come to the facility," said Jorge Mendez, Administrator of the 16-bed PHF and supervisor of the co-located Crisis Stabilization Program. "Right away they recognize how wide and open the space is."

The building was developed by Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency and was built from the ground up in December 2013.

Clients can enjoy the combination of natural light from the overhead windows and happy colored walls as they walk about the facility. "I think one of the ways the facility is therapeutic is the amount of space that is given to our clients," Jorge said. The facility contains 14 rooms, which gives 12 of its 16 clients their own space to enjoy. Another way the facility’s design is more warm and welcoming is the open nurse’s station that creates a more inclusive space.

Community members have reached out to the PHF and CSP to voice their praise and congratulate the facility on this recognition. Jorge adds that the client praise is not only just for the building along. "The staff that Telecare has been able to bring on board have also helped make it a friendly environment."