Military Appreciation at Clark County E&T

Telecare's Clark County Evaluation and Treatment (E&T) program in Vancouver, WA, celebrated their military folks for the month of May by bringing in photos of family members who've served to post on the program's bulletin board.

The men and women featured served as a Belly/Top Gunner (who crash landed three times, breaking his nose each time!), Cobol Programmer, Recovery Specialist and Mechanic, Command Post Dispatcher, C-17 Cargo Plane Load Master, Morse Code Interpreter and Security Service, and a Corporal in the Spanish War. 

Each person was stationed in various places around the United States, as well as abroad in Cuba, Iraq, Niger, Germany, Japan, Guam, and Thailand. Their service has spanned from 1898 to present, and included serving time during the Spanish War, World War II, Vietnam, Iraq, and Peace Time.  

Much thanks to all the service men and women, past and present, and to those who will choose to serve in the future!