DD/MI Community Alternatives

New Model Offers Structure, Comfort & Hope

For people with complex and severe co-occurring DD/MI needs, the options for integrated treatment have often been limited.

And now, as California moves ahead with closing its large institutional Developmental Centers, the need for a robust array of community alternatives is more important than ever. 

This month, we're excited to announce the opening of Cypress House, Telecare's first DD/MI community crisis home, which is a relatively new model of care just emerging in California. We are thrilled to partner with Regional Center of the East Bay to bring this program to life.

Not only does the community crisis home model help fulfill our obligation to get people out of large scale locked settings, and into more homelike, supportive, hopeful settings in the community, it also shows promise as a model that can save money over institutional care.

We welcome your questions and conversation on this new model and program. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Until next month, we wish you all the best,
Faith Richie, SVP of Development, Telecare

DD/MI Community Crisis Home: Cypress House Opens its Doors

On January 29, Telecare, alongside Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB), opened its first community crisis home designed to serve individuals diagnosed with both mental illness and developmental disabilities. 

Cypress House will serve four individuals whose needs are intense and complex, and often require a high volume of support, including behavioral and mental health specialists, and a wide array of additional resources. The length of stay is up to 18 months. 

 "They deserve to live in the community like you, or I, or anybody. No one deserves to be put off to the side. The goal is to work with people so they develop skills so that they can integrate into the community. In my opinion, life is just more meaningful that way.

— Steve Robinson, Director of Community Services, RCEB 

Take a look at Cypress House and Learn More:

What goes into developing a crisis home for the DD/MI population, and why is it so important that these programs are community-based? Learn more from RCEB's Steve Robinson and Cypress House Program Administrator Debi Deutsch-Rios. 

Click here for a quick video of Cypress House!.

Expanding Services... and Telecare Staff!

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Recruiting and hiring excellent people is always one of our top priorities. As we continue to grow as an organization, we're looking to add energetic professionals to our Telecare family at the following program locations: 

Mark Reed Evaluation Evaluation & Treatment Center

  • Located in McCleary, WA.

  • Opening in April/May 2019

  • Full recruiting for all positions is now underway.

King County Evaluation & Treatment Center

  • Located in Federal Way, WA

  • Open and operational since December 2017

  • Recruiting for Program Administrator and Clinical Director.

Nursing opportunities available throughout the state of Washington. 

All available open jobs are posted at http://www.telecarecorp.com/jobs/.

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We know that wherever staff work, they must promote and support their own and their clients' resiliency. This is particularly true for our justice-involved clients and the staff who work within the court system. 

Staff members at San Diego's Behavioral Health Collaborative Court Program are working on new ways to promote health and wellness each month throughout 2019.

In January, they made essential oil rollers which are commonly used in the practice of aromatherapy. 

By using the oils to raise awareness of staff feelings and actions at home and at work, the staff will promote self-care and increase self-reflection, helping to make interactions with clients as productive, positive, sensitive, and empowering as possible.