Summertime at Telecare!

(Busy in a Good Way)

Summer is usually a busy season at Telecare and this year is no different!

We’ve been opening and expanding programs to address evolving community and client needs. New programs include homeless supports, crisis residential, and the redesign of a crisis clinic into a med clinic and more.

We’re supporting recovery in new and creative ways, including the exploration of identity and finding peace and mindfulness through a simple labyrinth in a beautiful space.

And we’re preparing to connect with our esteemed colleagues and friends at two upcoming conferences. Please let us know if you're attending so we can say hello!

Until next month, we wish you all the best,
Faith Richie, SVP of Development, Telecare

Summer Program Openings & Expansions

Summer is one of the busiest times at Telecare. In May, Telecare opened TREEhouse North, our newest crisis residential program in Orange County. In June, we expanded our TMRS/TRAC program with a special team that's part of a multi-agency effort to offer homeless outreach and immediate relief in Stanislaus County. In July, we redesigned our Sausal Creek program from a crisis walk-in clinic into one which now offers case management and a medication clinic to individuals with complex needs. Read more about our summer program openings here.

Recovery Spotlight

Gresham Creates a Wellness Labyrinth

Telecare's Recovery Center at Gresham in Oregon recently designed a wellness labyrinth on the east lawn of their campus. Read more about healing properties of labyrinths in the recovery process here. 

Telecare Gresham Team_Labyrinth 2.jpg
Telecare Gresham Team_Labyrinth.jpg

RCCS Tidbit of the Month: Identity

In Telecare's Recovery-Centered Clinical System (RCCS), we say we are all on a journey heading somewhere. For some of us, the path are clear. For others, it’s not.

Regardless, all journeys require a vehicle to transport us. In the RCCS, we think about identity (who we are) as the vehicle we use to take us on our life's journey.

Read more about identity and try the short practice at the bottom to help bring it to life by clicking here.

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Master_Conversations Icon.jpg

From the Field.png

Happy Birthday, Lagos, Telecare’s first crisis program to have 50% peer staffing.  Located in Riverside, CA, the crisis residential program celebrated its first birthday on July 2, 2018. Learn more about Lagos in last year’s annual video, which highlights the many ways it serves Riverside County. Check it out here.