Summer of Gratitude

Finding Ways to Spread Sunshine

Welcome to our summer of gratitude. May was inspiring in so many ways. Public figures addressed their mental health diagnoses in major publications, social media lit up with hashtag campaigns combating stigma, and amazing mental health leaders like Pat Deegan continued to bring the conversation to the forefront of our minds, encouraging hope and collaboration throughout the year.

In June, the news of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's death by suicide sent shockwaves of sadness across the globe. An instant outpouring of support, resources, and people sharing their own experiences crowded our newsfeeds and brought an unexpected visibility to mental health and suicide prevention awareness. Hope came alive in the darkness.

As we move into July, want to harness these rays of hope and focus on what lies ahead. We're sharing ways in which we're striving to provide hope, support recovery, and combat stigma in the communities we serve and beyond.

  • California legislation (AB1971): We’re advocating for new changes that enable physical health care to be provided to people in grave need.
  • Gratitude Garden: We’re finding time to practice gratitude and build connections between leadership, staff, and the people we serve.
  • RCCS Tidbit of the Month: We’re reinforcing a culture of recovery with this monthly practice that supports health, hope, discovery, and recovery.

We hope your summer is off to a good start. Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to be of service.

Until next month, we wish you all the best,
Faith Richie, SVP of Development, Telecare

New Resources Page for
Suicide Prevention

In the same month Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade died, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that in the past two decades the national rate of suicide increased by 25 percent. One thing in the report was clear, there needs to be a better effort to provide more visible resources and awareness on suicide prevention. At a minimum, we must make it easier for people to speak without worry or shame, so people do not suffer alone needlessly for so long. Today, we take a small step to address suicide prevention with a list of resources that are in place and can be accessed easily on Telecare's website. If you have any resources we should be adding, please let us know.

How to Fill in a Garden with Gratitude (and Ditch the Dirt)

Fifteen Telecare programs recently wrapped up our first Gratitude Garden pilot. For three months, programs hung a nature-inspired gratitude poster on their wall. Staff and members would then decorate their gardens by planting message "seeds" around the poster. Read about the results and how to create your own garden by clicking here.

RCCS Tidbit of the Month: Judgment

Stigma and discrimination can have a negative impact on someone’s physical and mental health care. It also perpetuates two significant false narratives about people with mental illness: 1) They are violent; 2) They do not recover from their mental illness. Find out ways you can combat stigma by reading our most recent RCCS Tidbit of the Month.

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Morton Bakar Center in Hayward, California, celebrated National Nursing Home Week in early May with a different theme every day. On "MBC Goes Wild" day, staff brought in birds, dogs, and bunnies so residents could touch and play with the animals (unfortunately, Mr. Ed had to stay outside). Click here to read more!

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