Strength in Numbers

Growing a Workforce from Within


The challenge of recruiting and hiring excellent people is always on our minds. This month, we're continuing our workforce development series, sharing a bit more about the diverse efforts happening inside Telecare to plan, train, and engage our staff to help maintain a great place to work and an environment where recovery and partnerships can thrive.

This month:

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Faith Richie, SVP of Development, Telecare

Workforce Development Within Telecare

Last month, we introduced the Workforce Development Plan and our strategies to restructure our leadership organization. This month, we take a deeper look into some of the internal initiatives at Telecare to build a better workforce for the future! Click here to read more.

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Growing Our Next Generation of Leaders

As Telecare works to ensure a strong workforce for the future, we also want to make sure there is a big enough pool of qualified leaders to keep us going beyond our plan.

To do this, we introduced our Emerging Leaders Program, a skills-building curriculum for existing Telecare employees who are committed to developing themselves as leaders. Click here to read more.

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Humans Need Help Pull Quote_wide_v2.png

Telecare worked with staff from Orange County's Health Care Agency to provide mental health assessments to more than 700 individuals experiencing homelessness in the Santa Ana Riverbed. Click here to read more.

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