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Resilience in the Wake of Disasters

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This month, we’re talking about trauma and natural disasters, and how we can take care of ourselves, our staff, and the people we serve when a natural disaster is unfolding in the community. We spoke with our Sonoma ACT program’s administrator, AJ Rylaarsdam, who is working with her staff and members to move through the aftermath of the Tubbs Fire in Northern California.

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Coping With Trauma After a Natural Disaster

The fires in Northern California destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, devastated communities, and impacted thousands more beyond its reach. The Tubbs Fire missed Telecare’s Sonoma ACT program in Santa Rosa, California, but destroyed 36,000 acres of their surrounding community, and killed 22 people over the course of eight days.

We spoke with Sonoma ACT's administrator, AJ Rylaarsdam, about how she and her staff are coping with the impact of the fires, and why an Employee Assistance Program is a vital resource in times like these. Click here to read more.


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