Restoring Health, Hopes, and Dreams 

Providing Education to Reduce Healthcare Disparities

This month, we’re continuing our mission statement series by focusing on another key element: helping people recover their health, hopes, and dreams.
At Telecare, we’re not waiting to see if funding for Whole Person Care will be supported by the new federal administration. We know too well that siloed treatment of mental health, physical health, and substance use contributes to earlier mortality for the people we serve. We, therefore, believe there’s a moral imperative to deliver more integrated care. So we remain committed to moving forward with Whole Person Care, regardless of the political climate.
This is a big topic with many facets. In this issue, we’re specifically focusing on Telecare’s Health & Wellness Curriculum, our entry point into a wide-scale adoption of Whole Person Care at our organization.

The Health & Wellness Curriculum is a web-based training program for all of our staff. This curriculum helps them understand the chronic health conditions that most commonly affect our clients as well as the role they can play in encouraging clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Health literacy for staff is a foundational element in providing integrated care. We are working hard to help staff build the skills and knowledge they need to provide targeted interventions that support healthier choices.
We are happy to share our new Whole Person Care information page on our website, where you can learn more about Telecare’s efforts to reduce healthcare disparities and to restore hopes and dreams among the
people we serve.

Until next month, we wish you all the best,
Faith Richie, SVP of Development, Telecare

Telecare's New Mission Statement: Health, Hopes and Dreams

By Anne Bakar, Telecare President & CEO

We hear so much about the need for integrated mental and physical healthcare these days, that we sometimes forget all the reasons why this is absolutely imperative for the wellness of individuals and communities.

It is not only the higher mortality rate among individuals with serious mental illness due to physical health issues that is cause for alarm. The concern is also rooted in the untreated mental illness that frequently underlies chronic health conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, pain management, and addictions.

At Telecare, our new mission statement is focused on building awareness of how these health problems overlap, as well as how we can treat them more effectively.

Historically, our recovery philosophy focused on helping those we serve to recover their hopes and dreams. And now, the language in our new mission statement speaks to engaging clients in recovering their “health, hopes and dreams,” a clear reference to the fact that recovery involves the whole person: body and mind.

We are operationalizing this new vision today primarily with an “education initiative” as our SVP of Operations, Anita Barnas says. Through e-training, we are educating our 3,200+ employees on the physical health conditions that are most common among our members, as well as providing tools to support healthy lifestyle changes.

This month’s newsletter provides detailed information about our education curriculum, along with some profiles of how our leaders are thinking about this new mission and direction. We hope you enjoy this preview, and we look forward to sharing our learning and growth.

Health & Wellness Curriculum: A Whole Person Care Status Report

In May 2016, Telecare introduced the newest learning component in our Whole Person Care Initiative within our organization: The Health and Wellness Curriculum. You can read about the curriculum here or watch a video from Telecare's Chief Medical Officer, Kent Eller, in explaining its importance and how it will help staff better serve our clients.

Though we’re still early in our company-wide implementation, the feedback so far is promising. Take a look and see
for yourself.

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