When you serve people with serious mental illness, one of the things you really need is an excellent psychiatrist and speedy access to his or her knowledge and services.

Unfortunately, that's not always easy as psychiatrists are in short supply these days. And in the years ahead, the shortage appears to be getting worse. 

At Telecare, we are tackling this shortage with a variety of strategies, including:

  • Telepsychiatry
  • Alternative prescribers and collaborative prescriber teams

We've learned some lessons along the way and are excited by what we've discovered. This month, in Tackling the Psychiatry Shortage:  What We're Doing and What We've Learned, we're including some audio interviews so you can hear the real stories from the real people doing the work.

Also in this issue:  Riverside County PHF and CSU join the Telecare family.

If there's anything you need or would like more information about, please contact me any time and let me know

All the best,
Faith Richie, SVP of Development, Telecare Corporation