Pete Hilen is a Telecare Hero!


You know how the Telecare evaluation system rates doing your job as a “3,” helping others be better as a “4,” enhancing the entire service system as a “5″? Well, Pete Hilen consistently flings some serious 4’s, 5’s, and occasionally a 6! Pete regularly goes out of his way to teach, support, and encourage others. He models this kind of helpfulness and generosity, and in turn, his staff provides it as well. One dark and stormy night, I was certain I was going to have work the graveyard shift. I had tried all my on-call staff without any luck- and I had an audit in the morning! My supervisor encouraged me to ask Pete, which I did reluctantly. Just as I was guzzling a pot of coffee, Pete called to say help was on the way. I was so happy to go home! Pete also provides leadership for all the crisis residential programs at the residential standardization meetings (yet, more 5’s). The dude is amazing!

Favorite thing about Pete: Pete is a self-avowed “loud talker,” and apparently he is from a whole family of loud talkers! I appreciate his sense of humor and humility.

Nominated by Wayne Munchel