Norman Guerrero is a Telecare Hero!


We would like to nominate Norman Guerrero, Peer Specialist at Gladman, as a Telecare Hero. He has added so much to Gladman, it makes a huge difference having him on the team. Norman has made a great impact in our clients lives, and what he has brought to the rehab department is invaluable. Norman is highly respected by staff because he shares his concerns, has 1:1’s with the clients, and reports problems with the clients to the Unit Managers in a timely manner.

Norman introduced programs such as “The Cabin,” which is an outpatient program that he takes our clients to prepare them to integrate back into the community. Norman has also brought in other community resources to give presentations to staff and clients, such as Black Men Speak, Peers, and Special Messages.

We could go on and on about this guy, but just wanted to share with everybody about the wonderful things Norman does around the facility for the benefit of our clients.

Nominated by Karen Hayes and Velma Clemmons