Ken Solanky is a Telecare Hero!


Ken Solanky is a Telecare Hero and Welecare Champion at Woodburn and here’s why:

Ken leads with heart and enthusiasm for the residents’ recovery journey since he began his Nursing Coordinator role in December 2017. To quote Ken, “If I had begun my nursing practice at Telecare, my whole career would have looked different.”

Ken single-handedly reinvigorated our infection control program and coached us to health during an arduous flu season. Ken provides leadership to our nursing team and fosters and strengthens relationships with outside healthcare providers. He gladly took on the role as our fearless Welecare Champion. He teaches staff how to use Whole Person Care tools to get curious, inspire residents to learn more about their health and took on the supervisory role of the dietary program.

Ken raises morale whenever possible by recognizing staff for their excellent work in a shift change, goes on coffee runs and provides treats in the staff office.

But wait, there’s more! In the fall, Ken will be supervising nursing students at Woodburn to teach them about how they too can infuse a recovery focus into their nursing practice. He is also providing edits to the TB test form in hopes of a Corporate wide change to the form to include the times of the testing.

It’s an honor to work with Ken. I’m grateful for his contributions to the Woodburn program and the positive attitude he brings to work every day. I look forward to continuing to work with Ken.