Amanda Nelson, Tiffany Gross, and Charlene Dutton are Telecare Heroes!


Woodburn Recovery Center lost our nursing coordinator back in April of 2017, as well as two of our nurses shortly after. Amanda, one of our seasoned NOC nurses, took on so many extra tasks in this time period and was able to step up and work more hours as well. She has shown great leadership skills and is extremely valued here in the nursing department.

Tiffany was hired shortly after the loss of our nurses and was able to assume the role and the responsibilities of a seasoned nurse as well as be extremely valuable here in the nursing department.

Charlene was hired last as another NOC nurse and has shown great flexibility since starting her role, as well as the desire to pick up extra tasks, and has been extremely valuable to our nursing department. We finally have a new Nurse Coordinator and these ladies need to be acknowledged for their devotion, tenacity and perseverance during the tumultuous period that has finally ended. Thank you for all you do!

Nominated by Margie, RN at Woodburn Recovery Center