Liz Durkin-Slusarczyk is a Telecare Hero!


Liz always goes the extra mile to support the team and clients in all her interactions here at the Riverside County PHF and CSU. As the AOC, Liz volunteers her entire weekend to Telecare to be here on the two units to make sure all is going right and will do whatever task is asked of her to support our workload. Liz has a great can-do attitude, is compassionate and nurturing of the team and makes the job more interesting, especially in stressful situations.

Liz is always looking for ways to be supportive of the team and all the clients to make sure they get the support and services they need. Also, when Liz is the on-call AOD, she will bake food for the team which is greatly appreciated by all her team members.

Nominated by Patrick Kelly, Mary Hurtado, Betty Solomon