Jordan Niles is a Telecare Hero!


Jordan is a true Telecare Hero! Thank you for the incredible work you do here at Multnomah CATC. You come to work with a positive and upbeat attitude that is contagious. You are intent to advocate for and empower our residents where ever they are on their recovery journey.

When you are working, I am confident that our clients are receiving compassionate, quality, and attentive care. Your life experience and passion for the powerful impact of the Peer Support role is evident and essential. You will take the time to listen or be still with a client. I have seen clients increase their benefit from CATC because they began to trust our team through the connection made with you — established on respect and mutuality. What’s more important than that? Hard to say! In short, you are awesome! I am so excited to see the impact you will make in bringing healing to others as you progress in your pursuit of the medical field! You’re one cool cat (get it?)!

Nominated by anonymous