The Gresham Team are Telecare Heroes!


Here is some serious recognition for every and all staff at Telecare Gresham, as everyone at Gresham has Telecare Hero status given the teamwork in action over the last couple of weeks with extraordinary opportunities.

Though there is no physical evidence the eclipse has an effect on humans, the psychological one is undeniable for civilizations over time through the present, which leant to fervor and excitement at the recovery center. Thank you to this team for supporting all the extra energy.

In addition, the team had not one, but two infection control intervention opportunities (the first one the night before CARF). The team made swift order getting checked and checking everyone for critters, cleaning all the fabric items in the center and doing so in quick and concerted measure around the clock — and with a smile. Ok, ok, and perhaps feeling itchy in solidarity.

And, if you need more evidence of how this team is a bunch of heroes, here are just a few point in time gratitudes from some of the current residents:

ALL: “How much you help others, how happy you are.”

Jenni W: “I like to talk to her about my suicidal thoughts and feelings, I wish there are more peer support specialists, I like to listen to her about her suicidal feelings and what she went through in life.”

Jessie: “Good Job."

Chad: “He looks out for my best interests and does cool groups.”

Bridget: “I am able to talk to her and I feel safe.”

Kenzie: “Is very helpful, so thoughtful and ready for anything.”

David: “Counsel is useful.”

Megan: “Is always polite.”

Kim: “For her group on avoiding hospitalization and how to identify triggers-helpful and useful.”

Sarah: “For being helpful in answering questions.”

Thank you TRC Gresham and please never doubt our recovery culture as the primary intervention, how we treat each other and those we serve, to create conditions for health, hopes, and dreams. This is just a snapshot of its power in action.

Nominated by anonymous