Donna Franklin is a Telecare Hero!


I would like to share with you my thoughts about a lovely employee whom I have watched flourish from a bud to a beautiful flower at the Riverside County PHF in Indio, California! Donna Franklin is doing a beautiful job with the role of stand-in Rehab Director. Ms. Franklin proved to be an efficient team player, very attentive to patient needs. She practices the “sun down rule” in which Ms. Franklin follows up on requests for patient needs before the end of the day. I envision Ms. Franklin wearing a cape with a big “R” flapping by as she flies by me tending the needs of our patients. I would like to present her as our Telecare Hero.

My favorite thing about Ms. Franklin is her ability to take a task and complete them with organization and efficiency. I have deemed Ms. Franklin a “Rehab Specialist” if I could create one under such a title. What makes Ms. Franklin’s role so extraordinary is her calm, resilient, and reserved manner. Patient’s moods can be seen as progressively satisfied because they do not feel they are being forgotten or ignored. The PHF team see results as a team player, not just getting the job done, but having the ability to speak with patients with so much compassion.  Thank you, Donna, for being “you”!

Nominated by Annie Cordero, Riverside County PHF