Somaly Sok is a Telecare Hero!


Our team at Jeremy House would like to thank Somaly (Liley) for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Liley is more than our program Hero, she wears many hats and is not afraid to go above and beyond to support the residents and the team. Liley doesn’t complain any tasks (big or small) and does it with a gentle smile on her face. Liley is calm, polite, kind, creative, caring, and compassionate. No matter what tasks Liley is asked to help with, she does it with a passion and quality.  For example, cooking, creating group binders, setting our Welecare station, reviewing the MAR and med orders, cleaning, ordering groceries, and deep shampooing the carpet.

Liley has been with Jeremy House for almost two years and have never been late to work or missed a single day unexpectedly. We appreciate Liley for being a great sample of what a hard working “team player” should be. Her friendliness, positive attitude, and easy going personality makes everyone around smile. Most importantly, she get things done. Liley puts in 100% every day and doesn’t complain about her job, no matter how much work she has to do. Liley is the type who would look at the challenges in front of her, do whatever she needs to do to resolve the issue with a calm and gentle smile.

Some favorite things about Liley:

  • Liley loves her CAFFEINE from Starbucks and she is an amazing chef! We love and appreciate you, Liley!!!
  • “Liley is so amazing and hardworking that she makes me want to work harder and be a better team player”
    -Marc PSC-I
  • “Liley makes my stay at Jeremy House feels like home or at least that’s what I would imagine a happy home would feel like”
    – Y.C. (resident)