Sharon Steger is a Telecare Hero!

Everyone from San Diego’s Gateway to Recovery, Pathway to Recovery, and Transition Team would like to give a standing ovation to Sharon Steger! Sharon truly goes above and beyond in helping staff and members. Sharon makes herself available, answers questions, provides instantaneous training, and accomplishes these tasks with an upbeat and kind personality. Sharon works as an MRT/Data Analyst. While in this position, Sharon has gained county acknowledgment as community providers have emailed their praises for her attention to detail and ability to find resolve. Our member outcomes are clean and concise and CORRECT because of Sharon’s efforts.  It tends to be the staff who work very hard, quietly, and do a great job that lack recognition, so we say thank you so much, Sharon!

- Jessica, Alexis, Wanda and Elise

Here is what your coworkers had to say about you:

Sharon, thank you for all your hard work for our company. There are so many people today who try to get by with just the bare minimum. It is refreshing to meet someone who is so passionate and who is naturally so hardworking. Thanks for being you! I know we forget to give recognition when it is due, so I just want to make sure you got a little of the recognition you deserve today! While I cannot give you a raise, I can and will say: “Great job! Keep it up! We appreciate you!” I hope that counts for something! Thanks for making our office such a fun place to work. Between your cheerful smiles and funny jokes, I almost look forward to coming into work every day! You’ll never know how much your great attitude impacts those around you. Ordinary colleagues come and go, but when a special colleague comes by, you just know. Thanks for being my special colleague.
- Rebeca

I truly believe that Sharon is the best MRT Data Analyst that we have ever had. She ensures that everything is running as it is supposed to and if not she works tirelessly until it is fixed. When she makes something “a project” she will not give up until she figures it out. She also has a winning personality and will help anyone in the office to the best of her ability. She is one of the main ingredients that is the “secret sauce” that make PTR and GTR great programs.
- Karen

I appreciate the fact that whenever Sharon is asked a question (or a million questions, LOL) she doesn’t have immediate answers for, her response is always, “Let me find out for you” — Sharon is so helpful!
- Tienna

Sharon Steger is the most diligent, competent, multi-tasker I have ever met, sometimes there is a whirlwind of energy that surrounds her it makes me dizzy. Oh, and she makes beautiful blankets for our newborns around here!
- Judy

Sharon is always available to assist TTT even when she has a million other things to do! And always (!!) with a smile on her face.
- Stephanee

Nominated by Jessica Jones, Alexis George, Wanda Bennett and Elise Naughtin at Gateway/Pathways to Recovery & Transition Team