Hediliza Crockett is a Telecare Hero!


Ms. Hediliza Crockett is our Telecare Hero. Besides her genuine concern for all of Garfield’s resident’s and her outstanding attendance record, she also has sincere concerns for her co-workers. On top of being a resident advocate, she is a great team player who also knows when to step in to offer help to her colleagues. Talk about being awesome, right?

Hediliza exudes pride in her work and always takes initiative. Being a floater on the night shift, she would be on different assignments looking after residents with different levels of care. Even while working with very challenging behaviors, Hediliza always does so with a big smile on her face. She is an extra pair of vigilant eyes looking after residents for their safety and making sure they have a good night’s rest to take on the morning after. It’s a pleasure having her on our nursing team!

Nominated by Josie Sape, DON at Garfield Neurobehavioral Center