Clarence Maple is a Telecare Hero!

In early 2016, Clarence Maple, SOAR PSC-II, developed a recovery men’s group called “Steps to a Better Man.”  This group has proven effective in helping our members find purpose, community, and self-love.

All graduates are involved in vocational or educational pursuits and maintain little to no inpatient or incarceration days. The groups have yielded more than a dozen graduates who become mentors to new members, as well as also become co-facilitators and recruit new members to participate in the group.

Clarence, MSW graduate and fraternity brother, developed a group that is analogous to the principles of a fraternity. Principles that honor integrity, friendship, dignity, and self-worth. Group members go on outings every week, help others make each group, give each other feedback, and share their hopes and dreams as well as their successes and failures.

“Our goal is to provide our male members with the space to become better men and take steps to regain the motivation to enjoy life,” said Clarence. “Our mission is to help our male members find it within themselves to grow.”

Clarence applies a “7 Steps” group module for an eight-week course.

  • Step 1: Fifteen Minutes of Confidence: Set aside 15 minutes in the morning. Look in the mirror and say only positive affirmations.
  • Step 2: One Hour of Fame: One hour of self-care. Shower, eat breakfast, pray/meditate/read, take medications and exercise.
  • Step  3: Blue Print: Introduce having a calendar/planner. Plan your day and your future.
  • Step 4: Get-To-It Hour: You plan it–now go do it. Introducing the buddy system.
  • Step 5: The Moment of Upgrade: Provide task and homework. Give to your community, your buddy, others. Upgrade wardrobe. Hear feedback from your group.
  • Step 6: Practice Makes Perfect: The importance of developing a routine: Check in with your buddy and make sure he is keeping up with the steps.
  • Step 7: The Moment of Clarity: Teach the steps! Help another group member identify their own growth. Come to groups in a shirt and tie.

Thank you, Clarence, for taking the initiative to make things better and turning your ideas into action. We are grateful to have your talents here at Telecare SOAR.