Tabitha Johnson is a Telecare Hero!

One of Telecare's NEW Summer '17 programs, LAGOS (a voluntary Crisis Residential Treatment facility), opened successfully on July 1, 2017, in Riverside County.  Already, we would like to nominate our new colleague, Tabitha Johnson, as a Telecare Hero! Tabitha is a new Telecare team member who is serving in the role of a Peer Recovery Coach.  As with any new program, there can sometimes be challenges with "who does what, when?" and properly training all new staff. Tabitha started her first shift on day eight of the program without any formal Telecare training but instead, Tabitha jumped right in and began shadowing staff that had been there for seven days to get an initial understanding of the program and her role.

Within her first hour, Tabitha was focused in on having recovery-oriented conversations with residents in a meaningful and caring way—supporting their goals of strengthening their recovery so that they could transition back into their natural community. Ms. Johnson providing peer support services was inspiring to watch—but there is more! When Tabitha heard that there were going to be some open shifts where we did not yet secure coverage—including the very next shift following her very first shift—she immediately, with a smile, enthusiastically volunteered to stay and to cover the upcoming days by working double back to back shifts all on her very first day!

Thank you, Tabitha, for already going above and beyond in your commitment to Telecare and those we serve—you're a shining example of living the Telecare Mission! We appreciate you and look forward to all the continued contributions you'll be making at LAGOS and beyond.

Nominated by Jennifer Hinkel, Gary Hubbard, and Bea Serafin