Rena Nunes is a Telecare Hero!

Responsible, efficient, and unquestionable dedication to the Telecare San Mateo Transitions business office—those are only a few of the inclusive things done by Rena. She has added and established technical ways to alleviate and naturalize crises with humanitarian and hospitality-type warmth. She brings to light services needed in the 'daily' usages of the entire office.

Rena understands the cost care of every member: rental agreements, allowances, outside payments, and more. She gathers all materials and needed accounts for things purchased, invoiced, and/or accountable. Her devotion and service mirror the Telecare Mission Statement. Rena favors no needed support and is inspiring to the program, constantly providing information and tools to use to better treat the members and office staff needs. She is also a diffident reminder to everyone about their working commitments and helpful in organizing folders and pamphlets to assist with having things in order.  And, without question, knows her job. A devoted grandmother and employee that's effective, supportive, dedicated, needed and well liked—that is Rena Nunes.

Nominated by anonymous