Tiffany Gross is a Telecare Hero!

I would like to acknowledge a new Team Member at Telecare’s Woodburn Recovery Center (WRC) whose currently the graveyard shift RN at WRC, Tiffany Gross. Tiffany is a positive addition to our workforce and joined the WRC team about two months ago.

Tiffany is an excellent role model for staff and has great relationships with our residents. We recently had a group camping trip with five WRC residents. Tiffany teamed up with a co-worker and itemized all of the resident’s medications for the three-day trip. The work she did made the camping trip a success and supported the resident’s confidence in understanding the value of their medications and their assigned times for disbursement. In addition, it gave me lots of confidence in my role of passing them out — no errors of course. Her willingness to stay professional, even in challenging situations, and to call it like she see’s it is another great addition to our team. She’s a TELECARE HERO for her dedication to the WRC program and her service to staff and residents with dignity and respect.

Nominated by Franklin “Ron” Weaver