Margie Hertz is a Telecare Hero!

Margie Hertz is the other nursing staff that assisted with the medication coordination for the Woodburn Recovery Center (WRC) camping trip last week (in addition to Tiffany Gross). Margie Hertz has been with our nursing department at WRC for two years and is currently working several shifts assisting while we are short-handed in the nursing department.

Margie is well liked by all of our residents and staff and is the founder of the WRC Emotional Intelligence program recently shared with the Gresham program. The energy she brings and the way she is always positive and vested in what’s happening with the residents is one of my favorite things about her.

Margie is always getting the residents to smile, laugh and engage and it’s clear that she has the passion and compassion for this work. For this and many other things, Margie Hertz is a TELECARE HERO.

Nominated by Franklin “Ron” Weaver