Velma Clemons is a Telecare Hero!

Velma is the day shift unit manager and nurse at Gladman MHRC. There isn’t anyone who works harder or cares more about our clients than Velma. She is always friendly and helpful to clients and staff, even when I know that she must be dead tired from doing everything that she does every day. If anyone here at Gladman deserves to be recognized for their very hard work and caring demeanor, it is
Velma Clemons.

There are so many little things that she does in between her normal duties that it is hard to pinpoint a single example of what makes her a Telecare Hero. She could be in the middle of accomplishing five things at once and still manage to answer a client’s concern in the sweetest voice ever! She can immediately calm down an upset client with her empathetic approach and genuine care for their concern. I am sure that the nursing staff that works with her could write several pages of things that she does every day that makes her deserving of recognition. For my part, as a member of the Rehab Team, I cannot sing her praises loud enough. Please recognize her unwavering dedication to not just her job, but to all of the people under our care at our facility.

Nominated by Jon Beauchamp, Gladman MHRC